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Custom Leatherwork

Grommets leathercraft was born from the cutlery, martial arts, and reenactment community and from a common dissatisfaction with the sheaths that knives are supplied with from manufacturers.
At Grommets Leathercraft, we offer a variety of quality leather goods designed with functionality in mind.
Not only do we create products you can trust, we offer more customizable options with quicker lead times than other quality shops.
From keeping your pants up to holding things down, the things you buy should serve their purpose. 
Our leather goods can be trusted to live up to their value so you’ll want to pass them down for generations to come.

All of our goods are made by hand rather than mass produced by machines. As a result of hand making our goods, slight differences between items, as well as aesthetic imperfections should be expected. We take great pride in supplying quality gear, so if any imperfections are found that affect the functionality of the product, we will do our best to rectify the situation.

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